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Chattel Vs Fixtures

Chattel Vs Fixtures

When you buy or sell a house you may hear about fixtures and chattels. It is important that your property lawyers explain the difference in these terms, as they are usually included in the terms of the agreement and the documents for purchase / sale.

Why are Chattel & Fixtures Important?

It is important to find out exactly what the seller has agreed to sell, particularly in the case of agricultural property where many additional extras such as water tanks, chicken coops, outbuildings and removable yards could be present.

Considering that a water tank is normally only connected by its own weight to the house, will this be a chattel?

The owners may decide if they want to take it to another property with them, so you need to be mindful of these issues and make sure they ‘re included in the purchasing agreement if you don’t want to be short of drinking water while you’re moving in.

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