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If you don’t have a conveyancer on your team, are you really ready?

Hand shake conveyancingIf you don’t have a conveyancer on your team, are you really ready?

So you have saved for a deposit, spoken to a broker, understand your borrowing power and feel you are finally ready to take the next step and start your house hunting.

Putting together a strong purchasing team; a broker, a conveyancer and perhaps a buyers agent early on is crucial to making well informed investment decisions.

Buying a property is a major life event for most people, and making such a big decision without any legal consultation can be detrimental and costly.

You don’t want to get to a Saturday afternoon, fall in love with a property and then feel pressured to sign a contract which you do not know or understand the contents of.

If you already have a conveyancer on your team that you are comfortable working with , they would have advised you to send the contract to them for review before you sign.

 When reviewing your contract, some of the things your conveyancer will advise you on are:

  • Unfair special conditions
  • Default clauses that may have major financial implications to you
  • Advise you on the zoning
  • Any easements on the property
  • Outgoings such as land tax

These are, of course, only a few of many things a Conveyancer will be looking for in the contract and advising you of. Once these concerns are identified, your conveyancer will then negotiate any terms with the vendors representative.

A golden rule in purchasing is to never sign a contract without reading it. It is strongly advised you have a trained property legal professional with your interests in mind, who knows what to look for to review and advise you of its content.

So, in order to make a confident and informed decision on your property purchase, please ensure you have a conveyancer on your team prior to your property search, ready to look after your legal interests when you are on your purchase journey.

At Rubistone we are always ready to be on your team, we offer free contract reviews and are available on weekends to assist you throughout your journey.


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